Nick + Stephanie

Cape May is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Victorian architecture abounds. It’s almost surreal, feels like you are in a gingerbread town of a different era. Stephanie & Nick’s wedding was celebrated at  The Southern Mansion this past weekend and photographing it was an incredible honor. Of anyone they could have chosen, locally, from NYC, Philly, Washington or any of the surrounding areas, they chose to fly me in from Chicago to capture their love and families unite on this very special day in their lives. Stephanie and Nick, I cannot thank you enough and I hope that these images are everything you had hoped for and more.

We started the day with a few detail shots while Nick and Stephanie were getting ready in their rooms at The Southern Mansion.

The doll above is a Jacqueline Kennedy Heirloom Porcelain Bride Dollthat Stephanie’s aunt purchased for her when she was just a baby. It was meant to be a wedding gift so Stephanie did not actually receive this until the day of her wedding, over twenty years later.

A few quick portraits.

Bride is ready to walk down the isle. Her father knocks at the door.

The groom making his way to the altar.

Everyone awaits.

Lots of hugs and kisses and a few good laughs as the family welcomes the guests with a traditional receiving line after the ceremony.

Got to get a picture of the new Mr. and Mrs. C!

We hopped in the trolley shortly after for a quick trip to the beach.

Beautiful blue skies and the ocean! What more could a Chicago gal ask for? Oh, yes. The Cape May lifeguard boat as a prop… Bride and groom worked their magic with the lifeguards. 🙂 And we started we a vintage post card like shot of the wedding party.

The bridesmaid dresses were from Anthropologie!! Not BHLDN, but regular Anthro. LOVED them!!!!

I LOVE the beige and light blue color combo!

Just look at all the pretty houses!

Back to cocktail hour! Stephanie & Nick actually opted for two hours of cocktail time to fit in both pictures and a little pre-reception fun with their guests.

Holy Cross alumni picture!

Everyone wanted to get a shot of this good looking group!

Dinner was served on the porch.

First dance.

Nick and Stephanie, I hope you are having an amazing time in Hawaii! I am happy to report summer has finally arrived in Chicago as well. 🙂