Billy & Gabrielle :: A Whimsical Engagement Session

When I first met Billy & Gabrielle at the studio they told me about how met and how Billy proposed and then showed me an iPhone picture from that night… the moment I saw that one picture, this entire session flashed in front of my eyes and I knew right then and there that three three of us were meant to create beautiful art together. Fast forward to a month later and it was proposal day all over again, but with a twist. A throw back to one of my favorite movies all times – Great Expectations.

It was all like a fairytale and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my very talented friend Ryan at StemLine Creative. He dreamed it all with me and made it come alive. Styling by yours truly. Makeup by another sweet friend and amazing artist, Enrique Enriquez.

And to really set the scene, their love story as told by Gabrielle:

“Our first official meeting was on October 12th 2011. I helped him at the store I use to work at. A couple months later in February of 2012 his mom came in to the store and scouted me out for her fashion show. I was flattered and of course was up for the exciting job. Billy and I would then meet again on April 14th 2012 at his mothers house where the dress rehearsal for the fashion show took place. A week later, on the night of the fashion show Billy and I just kept gravitating towards each other even though there were lots of people and models there. I was like a horse with blinders… I had eyes for only him. A week later we went on our first date (as friends only). I was terrified to get romantic with him as I was recovering from a breakup. We spent all of that summer and fall platonically as friends going on adventures and just getting to know one another. Billy subtly, yet romantically worked to win me over. Our first kiss was captured on camera on November 3rd 2012. I remember I asked the waiter at the restaurant we were at to take a picture of us to which he did and then told us to kiss for the camera. I, of course objected with “no, we are just friends “, but then looked at Billy and thought to myself: “you like him, just kiss him already, it’s been 8 months!” That first kiss was magical and confirmed that I wouldn’t be able to hold back feelings for him much longer and stay just friends. And I didn’t as in February of 2013 I let go of my fears and fell irrevocably in love with him. The proposal took place on October 19th that same year (Sweetest Day). I remember Billy telling me he had a surprise planned. He dropped me off at home and told me to go pick out one of the dresses he bought that day for me to wear (which I had no idea about), then grab two champagne glasses and meet him outside. I was so overcome with emotion as I wasn’t sure what was about to happen next. As I opened the door, I discovered a trail of mason jars lit up with candles and white roses. There must have been 500 jars trailing from the front of the door all the way around to the back of the yard for me to follow. I followed the trail and as I peered around the corner I saw Billy standing underneath the big oak tree that he use to play under as a child smiling. The scenery looked like a romantic movie, the tree was lit up with white lights and underneath it a rustic table adorned with white roses. There stood my now fiancé waiting to ask me to marry him. And then we met the most amazing photographer and she recreated the scene for our engagement session!”






























And they lived happily ever after…