A Parisian Wedding at The Murphy Auditorium Chicago

A petite beautiful bride, delicate and elegant like a ballerina atop of an antique musical box… A romantic lace Liancarlo dress and a venue reminiscent of a Paris cathedral – The Murphy Auditorium Chicago. It’s the beginning of a great wedding story. One I so loved capturing and I am excited to share with everyone on the blog.

From the Bride: The easiest decision of the entire wedding planning process was our first (after deciding to get married, of course!). We walked into The Murphy, the first venue we looked at, and booked it on the spot. The ornate Parisian cathedral style blew us away, and it became the inspiration for our wedding. The style, as we defined it, was “Midnight¬†in Paris/Van Gogh’s Starry Night”. For floral we went with soft, romantic colors such as white, peach, and pink, with dusty miller accents. To add to the ambiance we also chose amber uplighting around the perimeter and tall candelabras for the center tables to fill the space and draw our guests’ eyes up towards the gorgeous ceiling. Our food also had French accents – from the chicken confit appetizer to our espresso creme brulee cups for passed late night snacks. Music during cocktail hour and dinner was French cafe-inspired, including many Django Reinhardt jazz pieces. And finally, to add to the formal, romantic mood, we chose black tuxedos for the men, and I chose a lace dress and pearl accessories. We couldn’t have been happier with how the event turned out and were able to enjoy all of the romance we had worked so hard to create!

The perfect end to such an amazing evening is a romantic walk in the rain, don’t you all agree? ūüôā