All About Engagement Sessions

All you need to know to prepare for your engagement session in a little document with fun examples and lots of helpful tips! Let’s get started!

1. How do we pick a location?

There are several ways to approach this.

a) Pick some place meaningful to you. Either somewhere you hang out together a lot, or the very spot where he proposed, or perhaps where you had your first date.

b) Pick the location based on the backdrop you would love to have for your engagement pictures

– the Chicago skyline

– urban, in the middle of the city

– at the beach

– in a parc

I am here to help and guide you and while this gives you a pretty good idea of where to start, I can help narrow down locations for you since I know where the best sunset views are and where we can have less people in the background or have both skyline views and park greenery all in one location.

Something important to keep in mind is that for sessions that are one hour long you should pick a location that fits a general area with lots of potential. What do I mean by that? A location that is near by (walking distance) of several different great spots to use as a backdrop for your images.

If your session is longer than one hour, we can safely drive to another location (no further than 15 minutes as you would want to spend most of your time shooting, not driving). Please keep in mind parking or cab fees apply for sessions with multiple locations. I can help with best suggestions to get around once we decide on the different locations.

2) Get your hair and makeup professionally done.