Come On In!

I have been waiting for this moment for a really long time!! The announcement and images to show off our cozy storefront in the heart of Lincoln Square and one of my favorite area in the city! Finding the perfect space for us was no easy task. I searched for an entire year. But last April, just I was leaving the studio of a very dear friend and fellow photographer, I stumbled upon a big “For Rent” sign just at the corner of Ravenswood and Wilson. I couldn’t see inside the store yet, but I felt it in my heart that it was THE ONE!

I called and quickly made an appointment for the very same day! A week later and I signed the lease and got to work! May 1st was our first day in there, but with all the upgrades we needed to do to make the space our own, we did not officially open our doors until June 1st. I am sure you are wondering what took me so long to blog about it! After all, we are in November now… Well, as gorgeous and finished as it was when we opened, it lacked a lot of the things that made it an actual photo studio – namely, our work on the walls. We had only taken care of one wall – the custom made and custom designed (by yours truly), reclaimed wood photo gallery. You see, we had nine weddings in June alone, so after the OPEN sign was up on the door, we got to work on a season full of gorgeous weddings and put the finishing touches of the space on the back burner.

But now that it is ready, I absolutely love the fact that I get to introduce it to you in all the Christmas (Pottery Barn) glory I had envisioned! It’s warm and cozy. Perfect for a cup of hot cocoa and wedding dreams! Come on in! Let’s start the tour!

Can you spot a picture of yourself in the gallery?

Thank you for stopping by and for the virtual cup of coffee we shared this morning! I hope to see you all soon in person at the studio! And yes, I will post daytime pictures of our cute space as well, but I just couldn’t resist the “Christmas aglow” feeling of this time of the year…