Dana & Craig :: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a movie we all adore so you can imagine my excitement when Dana shared that this Hollywood classic was the inspiration for her engagement session! Not only that, but they shared a beautiful story to go with this super fun session – the story about how they met and fell in love!

Craig: My entire life hinged on an interview time, a résumé pile, and an email—and I had no idea.  In late August 2016, I had one semester left at Northwestern Law in Chicago, and would be returning to Boise, Idaho that December indefinitely.  Within weeks, I was in love, and my well-laid plans happily went up in smoke. I first met Dana when she interviewed for admission at Northwestern Law.  I was in my second year of law school and a student interviewer.

Still, a law school interview is not a matchmaking session.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  I was entirely professional, and so was she.  At the end of the interview, I wished her good luck and told her to reach out if she had any questions.  She sent a “thank you” email the next day, and I replied, again wishing her good luck in all her applications.  After that, radio silence for six months.  Then, Dana emailed me late in the summer as I am about to begin my third year of law school, and she is about to start her first.  She ended up attending Loyola Law, but said she was reaching out to see if I would be willing to grab coffee or lunch and chat generally about law school.  I said I would.







We met for lunch.  We chatted about law school.  And about life.  And about the bird that had flown into the restaurant and perched above our table.  And I couldn’t get over how amazing she was.  And gorgeous.  And funny.  After lunch, I asked if I could walk her back home so the conversation didn’t end.   The walk was too short, and I didn’t want our time together to end.  So when we reached her apartment, I asked if I could see her again.  Before she could answer, I added, “and tomorrow is too far away, so I’m asking if I can see you again tonight.” She smiled and said yes.





Dana: Craig and I often talk about how we met, and how lucky we were to have crossed paths.  And he’s absolutely right about certain aspects of those first few days.  But I like to tease him that I have the better memory between the two of us. When Craig came out and called my name to interview, I worried about whether I’d be able to keep my composure with such an attractive interviewer.  As he started to tell me about his background—especially his fighter pilot days before law school—I could feel all the red in the universe concentrating squarely and acutely on my face.  He swears to this day that he didn’t notice my beet-red blushing face, but I am fairly certain he’s just being a gentleman.  He was so cute and so charming in the interview that I had to remind myself, “Dana, this is an interview.  This is not a date.”  He was professional throughout, but I couldn’t help but want to believe that he was as disappointed as I was to see the half-hour interview come to an end.  Yes, I sent him a “thank you” email after the interview, but what he didn’t know was that I was already wondering when, if ever, I’d be able to see him again.





Several months went by, and I found myself toying with the idea of reaching out to him.  But I remembered him telling me he would be moving back to Boise to practice as part of his introductory spiel in the interview.  And it was so not my style to make the first move.  After talking it over with one of my girlfriends (who reminded me that it was so not my style, and urged me to dare to be bold), I thought, “What do I have to lose?” So I emailed him to see if he wanted to grab lunch to “talk about the first year of law school.”  Right.  I just wanted to see him again.

I could sense the gradual shift at lunch from chatting about my first week of law school, to life, to what I would characterize as mild flirtation and chit chat.  He was just how I’d remembered.  Charismatic.  Engaging.  And gorgeous. When he asked to walk me home, I was nothing less than giddy.  He told me he wanted to see me again – that night – and giddy turned into good old fashioned butterflies. I knew I couldn’t wait to see him again.  But I didn’t know that we had just changed the course of both our lives.