David & Jenny

I grew up on a cobblestone street, just like Jenny. So when I pulled up in front of her parent’s house for the first time on the day of her wedding, I felt as if I had traveled in time – to my childhood, to Jenny’s childhood and the years of memories in the pretty house on the tree lined street. The dress, the shoes, the color of the bridesmaid dresses, everything about Jenny & David’s wedding seemed to draw inspiration from this amazing house I was in. It was mesmerizing!

This delicate Cymbeline gown was awaiting my arrival hanging in the foyer window above a beautiful antique bench. It looked as if it had been sewn by ferries. Her bouquet… hand picked from a filed of wild flowers on a crisp summer morning!

I could hear all the girls giggling as they were getting ready upstairs.

David arrived to the house to pick up Jenny shortly after. They chose to see each other before the ceremony so they could have time for lots of pictures and be able to go straight to celebrating after saying I DO! It was the best idea as minutes after we wrapped up the photos and got in the limo, a torrential downpour started out of nowhere and lasted well into the afternoon.

These gorgeous sage green bridesmaid dresses came JCrew!

The delicate flowers and pastel colors looked amazing at the reception!

Let the festivities begin!

They toasted, laughed and danced the night away!

And were excited for a little middle of street dance at night as well! My kind of an ending to a beautiful day of love, family  and celebration. Congrats Jenny & David!!!!!!