Ideas for Engagement Session Props

A few weeks ago, I talked about engagement shoot style, and today I’m diving a little bit further into it, sharing 5 engagement session props!  Props can be very tricky.  They can either be really great and end up being the star of the shoot, or they can just become an inconvenience and make things difficult during the shoot.  I could probably split the “prop rules” into 10 different posts (hah!), but for today, I am just going to share a few of my favorites, with a few guidelines/suggestions!


1. The most obvious, your dog!  Couples love having their dogs in engagement photos because they usually aren’t a part of the wedding.  So this is the perfect way to incorporate your “fur kids” into your wedding!  Definitely have your pup groomed before the shoot, and it also looks better in pictures to have an attractive, clean(!) leash and collar. Most importantly though, bring a sitter for him. Someone to walk and play with while you are taking the rest of the pictures.


2. A gorgeous handbag... I talked about this a little bit in my engagement style do’s & dont’s, but wanted to get a little bit more specific here!  It’s crucial for your purse to (1) match your outfit, and (2) be clean and polished looking.  I typically tell clients not to bring their purse if it’s not going to be in the pictures, but if you have a fabulous Kate Spade bag that perfectly matches your outfit, it absolutely has to make an appearance!


3. Signage… You will probably see this on every engaged gal’s Pinterest, and that is because it is so cute!  But something to keep in mind is just to make sure the sign is 100% legible!


4. An umbrella!  Sometimes the weather can be very unpredictable, especially in the spring and fall. If it looks like it might rain on the day of the session, we will most definitely reschedule. But sometimes the rain comes out of nowhere and you have to embrace it and, as they say, make lemonade!  Just in case, pack a nice umbrella (love the basic black one pictured above) and enjoy the day – it will be beautiful!


5. Champagne and flowers… Not only does the champs help you loosen up a bit, but it adds just a touch of glamour into your photos!