Engagement Shoot Fashion Tips

If you’re wondering what to wear to your engagement photoshoot, here are some of my best engagement shoot fashion tips as do’s and dont’s! Of course there will be lots more specific tips I will share as we prepare for your session, but these are a good way to start planning and will apply across the board to all types of engagement sessions and all seasons.



Do: Accessorize… An amazing pair of heels or a statement necklace are great additions to any look! Scarves, hats or even a beautiful handbag that perfectly matches your outfit will look great in pictures.

Don’t: Go overboard with accessories… You don’t want to overdo it.  A little bit goes a long way.

Do: Coordinate with your fiancé… You definitely will want to check with your fiance to make sure he’s not wearing a red shirt while you’re wearing a green dress. You want both of your looks to complement each other!

Don’t: Be too “matchy matchy”… It’s definitely important to coordinate, but going in full-on matching outfits could look a little cheesy… Ok, a lot cheesy. Ha!  Wearing the same color is usually a no-no. And so is wearing black. The three most important elements of beautiful engagement pictures are beautiful light, color (in your outfits) and a genuine connection in front of the camera and with your photographer.

Do: Wear what you know looks good on you… There is no better time to buy a new outfit than in preparation for your engagement shoot.  But sticking with a style you know looks great on you is always a good idea. Flattering before trendy, ALWAYS.

Don’t: Try a new style that you may not be comfortable in… This may not be the ideal time to try a new style.  The main goal is to be comfortable and feel beautiful in your engagement photos. If you are too hot, too cold, hate your new hairdo/makeup or your new shoes are killing your feet, it will surely show.

Do: Dress for the current season… If it’s summer, go for summer styles.  If it’s winter, don’t be afraid to wear a hat and scarf!  You’d be surprised at how chic a red winter coat can be in your Christmas engagement pictures!

Don’t: Forget to press, steam, iron everything!… This is crucial to looking sleek and chic in photos.  Even if your dress is stunning and you look flawless in it, wrinkles are not pretty!

Do: Get a fresh manicure the day before your session. Your ring will be photographed a lot. Remind your fiancé to trim and clean his nails too.

Don’t: forget mints. There will be a little more kissing than you think.