Matt + Mallory

It’s Christmas Time in the City… and unlike last year the weather has been incredibly nice for December. I think that has gotten engaged couples thinking that Xmas pictures could be really cute as well because I have never done as many sessions in December as I have this year! And I loved every chance I got to create some magic with the lights on Michigan Avenue! So here is to a new installment of Christmas cheer! A couple of my favorite images from yesterday’s engagement session.

To give you a little bit of a background story on how I got to photograph this sweet couple, it was sort of meant to be. See, Mallory had been had at work searching for a perfect photographer since getting engaged, and she had fallen in love with my images. But one day, while telling her aunt and (fairy) godmother about the plan to get Christmas engagement pictures taken and how they were already scheduled, she got a referral for a photographer she HAD to use istead. Mallory’s aunt had met said photographer at a friend’s wedding earlier this summer. The best part about this story is that they were both speaking of the same person – MOI. How LUCKY am I??? Thank you so much for spreading the word Mrs. K! This little sneak peek is for you! And can I just say that Mallory’s resemblance to you is astounding! Same gorgeous smile and beautiful eyes!

Before I post any images, I’d like to just mention that I very hard time selecting images for this blog post – I wanted to only showcase the Christmas backdrop shots as it is the season, but I must include one picture from earlier in the day as well. HOW CUTE IS THIS SWEATER???? I loved Mallory’s outfit and completely fell in love with the sweater. So much so that I was on the JCrew website minutes after the session ended to order myself one as well. Copycat! 😛 Needless to say it is sold out… :.(

I often imagine Santa’s house looking a lot like this. Mind you, this is a fire station!!! But it’s soooooo cute!

Are you ready for the BEST part of the session?! I wish I could play a little song for this! ♪♫ Silver Bells, Silver Bells… It’s Christmas time in the city  ♪♫♪♫♪…

I couldn’t end this post without a few shots with the horse drawn carriages. I just love them! Can you believe I have never taken a ride in one? Must do this soon. 🙂 Merry Christmas, everyone!