Michael & Christine

At certain times through out the wedding season, or maybe just at certain weddings I start to see things just in black and white… To me black and white photography is classic, timeless… true art. It’s where the image has to really make a statement, to enchant with the beauty of the moment and nothing else. The elegance of the bride, the glamour of such a beautiful historical landmark, the magical voice of the street musician that dedicated his song to the bride and groom… the crisp spring afternoon and soft sunlight… it all felt like a piece of history being written in my camera… of the day two high school sweethearts became husband and wife.

I hope you will enjoy this story as much I did creating it.

The bride got ready at the Sutton Place Hotel.

First look right outside the hotel!!! Such a sweet moment!

I just love this last image  – you can just feel how truly happy they were in that moment.

Our first stop was LaSalle Bridge. And we all know my love affair with this bridge… 🙂

Off we go to the second and last stop before the ceremony!

This street musician was one of the best I have ever heard, his voice was amazing!

Germania Place is an absolutely gorgeous venue and I cannot imagine anything more beautiful than white orchids to adorn the aisle with!

Wait till you see all the gorgeous reception details! I just couldn’t stop photographing them! Especially the custom designed fine art guest book we created with their engagement pictures! Such a huge hit with the guests!!!

The first course of the evening was soup… and kisses.

The toasts were fun and sweet, filled with great stories about the couple and a few emotional moments that made for AWESOME candids of the bride and groom!

One of my favorite images of the evening!!!

I take it cake was pretty good? 🙂

Christine and Mike are amazing dancers!

And no… I couldn’t pick just one of these two images! 😛

And once again… I couldn’t just pick one end of the evening image! Can you blame me? They are all my babies! 😛