Getting Ready Photos

There is always so much going on the morning of your wedding.  Once your hair and makeup team arrives, it’s fair to say that the rest of the day goes by in a flash.  But the beauty of my job is that I get to capture the moments that you may not necessarily get the chance to fully take in the day of your wedding.  The behind the scenes, candid moments that will make you look back on your big day with feelings of nostalgia and excitement.  A gorgeous shot of the dress, candid photos of the Bridesmaids, and the moment that you’re finally in your dress are a few of my favorites. Here are 8 must take getting ready photos that you will absolutely love to have.

Must_Take_Getting_Ready_Shots1. THE GIRLS – Don’t forget to pop a nice bottle of bubbly and toast the beginning of the rest of your life with your best friends. If you plan well, your getting ready time together should be relaxed and fun, with plenty of cushion for fashion mishaps and things running late. It happens, wedding time is not real time. And while having a schedule is a must, you don’t want to feel like you are following one. Your wedding coordinator and all vendors involved will have that to guide them. You should just forget about it and live in the moment.

2. THE DRESS – Make sure you love the room you are getting ready in as it will serve as the backdrop for all these pictures. Including the one of your dress. Great natural light, a pretty backdrop and a cute hanger will make this shot amazing!

3. THE INVITATION – Don’t forget to bring a complete invitation suite for your photographer to capture. One that already went through the mail system and has pretty stamps on the envelope is even better!

4. THE RINGS & ACCESSORIES – A good professional cleaning of your engagement ring will have it look picture perfect next to all your new sparkly jewelry.

5. IN THE MAKEUP CHAIR – I love the last moments of hair and makeup! I can see the excitement and anticipation in the bride’s eyes and while not in the dress yet she already feels beautiful and ready to be photographed.

6. THE LETTER – Always a special and emotional moment.

7. THE BOUQUET – Definitely a must have picture whether by itself or in your hands. Or better yet, both!

8. …DRESSED – I always like to save a few minutes for a couple glamour shots of the bride right before we have to head out. The hair and makeup are fresh and you are now ready to walk down the aisle!