Lauran & Marty

Why the title? You will understand once you see the last few images from the amazing engagement session I photographed this week. Remember the Sex and the City wind blown fashion mag spread shots of the girls on the side of a New York City bus at the beginning of each show? Their inspiring fashion sense, perfect hair and glam big city lives… They were the inspiration for the last part of this session as Lauran’s dress, heels and gorg Kate Spade purse were to die for! And the Gold Coast backdrop – PERFECTION!

Why “Summer and the City”? Because apart from the glam shots at the end of the session, my goal was to capture a summer evening in the life of this fun newly engaged couple. Images to look back on and remember not just how much fun they had this one evening in front of my camera, but to remember themselves, young and beautiful, happy and in love – FOREVER. I always say that the images we create now, may be just great pictures for a while, but 10-20 years from now, they will be priceless memories of days long gone.

For now though, let’s join Lauran, Marty and Penny for a walk in the park!

Great family portrait, isn’t it?

A short walk away and we are at North Avenue Beach!

As sun began to set, Lauran & Marty got glammed up and ready for dinner in the neighborhood…