Valerie & Patrick :: Northwestern Law Love Story

So excited to share a sneak peek from Valerie & Patrick’s summer engagement session at one of the prettiest locations in downtown Chicago – Northwestern Law. What a gem! I fell in love the moment I walked in. Magical! Just as magical as this couple’s love story…

Patrick and Valerie met at Northwestern Law’s annual law prom back in 2012, just a few months before Valerie was graduating law school and getting ready to move to New York to begin working in a position she accepted months before. Although they had both attended Northwestern Law together for the past two years, this was the first time they had met. Patrick and Valerie talked, danced and even went for a late night  snack that evening with Valerie’s roommate and other mutual friends, but given her imminent departure, Valerie only reluctantly agreed to go on a date with Patrick at her roommate’s insistence.  Patrick was a year behind Valerie at Northwestern Law and had a job lined up following law school in Chicago. For her part, Valerie was insistent that the summer of 2012 would be her last in Chicago. Nonetheless one date quickly turned into two, and by the end of the summer, plans to visit each other were made and flights were booked.

Over the next year, many Friday and Sunday nights were spent in the air or at Midway or LaGuardia airports, and so despite best laid plans otherwise, Valerie eventually found her way back to Chicago in the Spring of 2014. It was not long after her return that Patrick surprised her on a casual Monday night with the proposal of a lifetime. Since then, Patrick and Valerie have moved two more times and now live in Lincoln Park with their beloved pug, Lily. Valerie says she doesn’t mind the Chicago summers, but she still wishes each winter was her last.











VP-109sm Valerie and Patrick, I cannot wait for your big day in just a little over a month!!!