Tammy & Derrick

If only I had had the time to blog this wedding sooner! It was photographed on June 8th, and I have been dying to share it on the blog ever since! Our second destination wedding for 2012 and not far from home at all. But a place so magical, I wished I could have stayed at the lake house for the summer with Tammy & Derrick! I just love Tammy & Derrick! Can I say it again?! They were simply incredible to work with and be around. Their love… intoxicating! In a good way. I felt it burning up the camera! The moment I arrived they gave me free rein and decided to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Because they trusted me to create magic! So yea, of course I did not want the day to end, EVER! Thank you, Tammy & Derrick! Words cannot express what you did for my creative spirit… Your wedding was fuel for my soul. And I want to wallpaper my house in your end of evening pictures! ūüôā

Are you ready? Here we go! The day started at a beautiful lake house the couple had rented for the weekend for their family and bridal party to enjoy and celebrate with them.

We decided to have their first look on the steps that led to the lake.

And just like that shoes went off and we ran through the burning hot sand all the way to the water to cool off our toes and enjoy the amazing views of the lake.

I couldn’t resist exploring the grounds and taking full advantage of everything the lake house had to offer before heading out to their ceremony site – The Willow Harbor Vineyards in Three Oaks, MI.

Off to the vineyard we go!

The reception took place at the Dewey Cannon Winery.

All Tammy and I had talked about leading up to the wedding is how we are going to take all these amazing pictures of the two of them in the vintage Rolls-Royce the winery owned and made available to couples getting married there. Fast forward to minutes before walking down the aisle and we find out the car is broken. ūüôĀ Both Tammy and I, I think shed a few tears when that was announced. But I am not one to give up that easily. As soon as I arrived at Dewey Cannon I set out to explore the area and find where the car is parked, in the hopes that working or not, it will at least be somewhere around and not at a repair shop. And I found it!!!! The hood was popped and an entire toolbox full of stuff was inside by the engine! It didn’t look too promising for us, but I found the owner and asked if there was any way we could get inside and close the hood as well so we could at least take a couple pictures in there. He told me the car was unlocked and I was free to do whatever I could do with it! And so I DID!

I think I am going to dedicate an entire gallery on the website to these last images! Tammy & Derrick, I hope you will love your pictures as much I do! XOXO!!!