Becca & Ryan – Winter Love Engagement

Spur of the moment is a great thing. Becca and Ryan were hoping for a snowy engagement session to perfectly complement their spring wedding. That seems like an easy thing to accomplish given that we live in Chicago, but you’d be surprised. First, in the past few years, we’ve seen very little snow. Second, you cannot schedule a snowy session and hope it snows that day. ūüôā So when they heard about the winter storm about to happen this past Saturday, they emailed to schedule right away, but I had a wedding already on the books so we decided to try our luck on Monday. We hoped for pretty Christmas lights and snow on the ground. But we got so much more! We got unexpected, pretty, slow falling, big snowflakes kind of snow! And this is how with a little flexibility and lots of good luck, you end up with a winter wonderland set of engagement pictures that will surely grace your walls at Christmas time for years to come!

Merry Christmas, Becca & Ryan! Hope you will now know for sure that freezing your toes off in the snow in the name or art and love was well worth it! ūüôā

I will leave you a little Christmas card I created on Minted. My very new obsession! Minted has the best designs I have ever seen for cards for every occasion. Gorgeous and perfectly complementing my images. You will surely see some of these beautiful creations at the studio!